Shangyu cassim specializing in the production of environmental protectionOil mist purifierWelding smoke purifierPaint mist filterFilter cartridge dust collectorGrind the workbenchSuch as environmental protection equipment

Company profile

    Shaoxing shangyu area cassim environmental protection equipment co., LTD is located in the Yangtze river delta, one of the most developed area in China shaoxing, shangyu, zhejiang province in the south,Is backed up more for the environmental protection industry the backbone of professional environmental protection company。The company is committed to the workshop air pollution control equipment research and development,Is one specialized is engaged in the industrial production of the metal dust、Production of dust、Machine tools and industrial oil mist、Paint mist, and the design of the industrial waste gas treatment equipment、Production、Sales、Installation services in the integration of science and technology environmental protection enterprises。

    At present,After years of engineering practice and technology accumulation,To absorb the United States、Germany、Japan and other developed countries advanced technology in environmental protection,The company has formed the industrial oil mist purification series、Industrial dust purification series、Industrial soot purification machine series、Industrial waste gas purification series four complete product line,Main production oil mist purifier、Oil mist filter、Oil mist collector、Filter cartridge dust collector、Grind the workbench、Welding smoke purifier、Laser smoke purifier、Paint mist filter、Activated carbon in addition to flavor cleaner such as environmental protection product。

Company technical force is abundant,Advanced processing equipment,The craftsmanship is excellent;Perfect detection means and a sound quality assurance system to ensure that provide customers with safe and reliable products and high efficiency;Precise style、Skilled after-sales service team,Can provide users with quick and thoughtful service,Resolve customer trouble back at home。

    Around“To create a cleaner production environment for environmental protection enterprises”This purpose,Company to market as the guidance,Take the technology as leader,Constant innovation,Constant progress,Is the production operation personnel from all walks of life to provide for a comfortable、Clean working environment。...More and more>>